Sitting or Standing in the Office – Which is Best?

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Sitting down too much is proven to be seriously bad for your health. People who sit for long periods every day have an increased risk of heart disease and diabetes. In addition to this sitting burns very few calories and many studies have linked it to weight gain and obesity. This is obviously a major problem for office based staff who sit at a desk for most of their working day.

As an office furniture supplier what can we do to ease this problem?

Luckily there is one solution, which is the use of sit-stand desks. These desks are height adjustable so that you can change the working height of the desk to allow the user to alternate between sitting and standing.

Some of the science backed benefits of this type of desk are as follows:

  • • Standing lowers the risk of weight gain and obesity
  • • Standing at a desk may lower blood sugar levels
  • • Standing may lower the risk of heart disease
  • • it-Stand desks appear to reduce back pain
  • • Standing at a desk helps improve mood and energy levels
  • • Sit-Stand desks may even improve productivity
  • • Standing more may help you live longer – a recent review of 18 studies found that those who sit the most are at a 49% greater risk of dying than those who sit the least

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